Swim in the Ocean

Okay, something to know about me.

My BIGGEST fear is Oceans. So the fact that I have gone swimming in one not once, but twice is absolutely amazing for me.

I am terrified of everything in oceans. Even in pools, I cannot be by myself. And I have a pool. I used to be so scared to be in there without a friend, my sister, or my parents because I was absolutely certain that a shark was going to appear out of nowhere. Not rational, but still my fear.

Anyways, I first stepped foot into an ocean in 2012 when I visited Punta Cana and the last time I was in one was when I traveled out east in Canada towards Prince Edward Island in summer of 2016.

This is the picture my friends took after they finally convinced me (forced me) to go into the ocean for the first time ever! My friend is clearly more excited for me than I was.


I, unfortunately, don’t have any pictures from my time spent in the ocean in Prince Edward Island except for ones my mom took that are extremely zoomed and blurry (typical, if you know my mom). Even then the photos are of my boyfriend reluctantly carrying my ass out into the ocean and then of me clinging on to him because there was WAY too much seaweed for my enjoyment.

So in spite of that, here are some more pictures of me in the ocean in Punta Cana!



5 thoughts on “Swim in the Ocean

  1. Good for you for doing something you find scary! It would have been a shame to miss that water. PEI and Punta Cana are both lovely. I’m currently figuring out which Punta Cana pics to put on my blog 🙂

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