Drink Beer at Delirium


I will never be able to express the love my boyfriend and I have for this country. We fell in LOVE with Belgium! Everything about it.


My friend whose family is from Belgium kept pushing for me to go and so after we talked about it we agreed for two reasons.

  1. My friend obviously knew what she was talking about as someone who has been there before
  2. Delirium.

For those of you who, like me at the time, had never even heard of Delirium, it’s a bar in Brussels that has a catalog of over 3,000 different beers! They actually have a binder filled with each different beer they have and it is massive haha!

If you ever find yourself in Brussels and want to grab a beer, stop in at Delirium! It’s huge and has different levels of the bar, all of which are massive, but the level of the binder is the bottom floor! I can promise you that it will be packed full and you will struggle to find a place to sit down… we sat in two chairs that were basically on the stairs haha.

It’s a great bar and it’s filled with people of all ages! I only took snapchat videos of my time at the bar, unfortunately, so here are some pictures of beautiful Belgium!



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