Participate in a 5km Race

So maybe you’ve wondered how/why I attended a sports high school.. the reason is I grew up playing sports. From the age of 3, I joined in both soccer and softball. Fast forward a few years into grade 2 (7 years old) I made the cross country team at my elementary school. This was a big deal because typically you have to be in grade 3 to join, but I had talent and potential so my coach put me in a year earlier. Given how competitive I was, I was the only grade 2 to make it to the Regional Finals where I finished 25th overall.

From there on it was pretty obvious I was a decent runner. I kept up with soccer and softball all these years and only ran during school cross country and track & field. Here we are entering my grade 8 year of elementary school where I decided to join a track club to help me train for cross country. I wanted to finish first in my regional championships this year, after finishing 7th the year prior. So my dad did his research and found the best team for me to join.

Training was tough but I’m glad I did it because I did finish first in every single race for my school that year, plus I was given the chance to compete in provincial championships with the team where I finished 3rd! Unfortunately, I suffered a serious knee injury which I am still dealing with all these years later and that ended my track career. It was disappointing because I had such high hopes and dreams for myself, especially when coaches all around are telling you that you have Olympic potential. It took a toll on me, but life happens and there is nothing you can do about it.

Regardless, during my time running competitively I ran in several 5km races, and since my time retiring as a competitive runner, I have run in some just for fun and for some good causes.

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