See Niagara Falls

This is something I have been lucky enough to do hundreds of times. Niagara Falls is only about an hour and a half away from my house, allowing me the opportunity to see the falls as much as I would like! Also lucky for me Niagara Falls held a softball tournament every year when I was younger so we spent a weekend there every year without fail.

The last time I visited was for my birthday in 2015, celebrating my 21st! My boyfriend took me there for a surprise because I had mentioned several times that I wanted to go back. This was actually the first time in all my visits that I was able to do the Hornblower (Maid of the Mist) which holy crap… How UNREAL!


Now, I haven’t been to the American side of the falls, but I can promise you the Canadian side is breathtaking. Every single thing about visiting the falls will blow your mind. Obviously, the actual falls themselves, but also just the downtown strip! There are so many arcades, restaurants, bars, museums, there’s Fallsview Casino and other really fun places to stop in.

While we were there we hit up probably every single arcade because I have a huge love for arcade games hahaha :). Along with getting to play all my games, we found out a fear the other had that we hadn’t previously known… At this point, we had only been dating for about 8 months. At the top of the Skywheel (a huge Ferris-wheel overlooking the falls), I was jumping around trying to get the best picture of the view possible when suddenly my boyfriend yelled out in fear for me to stop. I turn around to him grasping onto the seat, fear in his eyes, for him to tell me that he is actually terrified of heights.


My fear was a new revelation to not only him but to myself. As we were walking through the Wax Museum I was absolutely terrified of the figurines. Like terrified to the point where I couldn’t step foot near one because I was absolutely certain they were going to come to life or something. Not rational. At. All. But my goodness did we ever get out of there fast!

Back to the falls… Put Niagara Falls on your bucket list if it isn’t already! And PLEASE come to our side of the falls! You will NOT regret it! I hope I get the opportunity to go back this summer!


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