Visit the Christmas Market in Toronto

I had been begging my boyfriend since we first started dating to come to the Christmas Market with me. Based on my friend’s pictures and reviews it was amazing! So for our 2nd anniversary when we were deciding what to do to celebrate, I thought this was the perfect chance for me to finally get to go, so we did! We hit up the market and got dinner in the distillery district (where the market is located in Toronto) and it was as amazing as I thought it would be. Even more so.

First of all, Christmas time is my favourite time of the year, I absolutely love the holidays! Second of all, there is a ginormous tree which is absolutely incredible!


There are so many little stores and shops set up for you to enjoy and there are amazing food and awesome places to stop and take pictures. The whole thing is set up to be magical. And it succeeds.


I mean, there is an area set up filled with pink Christmas trees for goodness sakes!


Plus, of course, the place where every couple stops to get their picture taken… The heart d’awwwww.


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