One of my absolute favourite cities in the world is Brussels. There is so much to do and see while you’re there, the best thing I can tell you to do, which is what I did, sign up for a free walking tour!

Our hostel (Jacques Brel Youth Hostel) offered a free walking tour which was incredible. We had the best tour guide of our entire trip in Brussels! Seriously I cannot stress how amazing free walking tours are, especially if you are backpacking and are on a budget!

With our walking tour, we got to see all the main attractions and found out some really interesting history about the city of Brussels we would never have known otherwise!

Some things to see while you’re in the city…

Grand Place, this is probably the most popular destination in the city. It’s a beautiful square in the city that is filled with so much history and beautiful architecture it’s hard to focus on just one thing!banner33.jpg

You’ll notice (everywhere you go) the figure of the little boy peeing. Every gift shop you enter he will be plastered on everything. So, you might as well stop and see statue itself while you’re there! Our tour guide even said that they dress him up for holidays and such, which is amazing!19959248_10155299464355056_5551071862559974377_n

Also, bet you didn’t know he has a sister!

Now, away from peeing statues! In Brussels, there is also the Atomium, Mini-Europe and of course, The Royal Palace of Brussels!

I did not know that Brussels had a Royal Family! So that was really interesting to learn about from my guide!


While in Brussels PLEASE stop for some Belgian Fries!!!! As a potato lover, I can tell you the place I had the best fries at was Fritland! Which is located right in the city! Honestly, they were the best fries I’ve ever had in my life! ALSO: PRO TIP!! Do NOT ask for ketchup! You will get judged. Take your Mayo and be happy about it, it’s delicious anyway!

If you are looking for a hostel to stay at while in Brussels, the one I stayed at was really good! We got a private room which had two single beds that were decently comfortable. You make your bed when you first get there so at least you know you’re getting clean sheets. The hostel itself offers a lot, including a games room, a bar/restaurant, those free walking tours I mentioned, and is in a really good location. The staff is really nice and friendly as well!

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