I stayed in Brussels during my visit but the train ride to Bruges is only an hour away so I would recommend the visit!

From the train station it is pretty clear where you need to head in order to find the downtown area… just head towards the giant clock tower and you’ll be fine. To get there I got a ride in bicycle taxi, which is just a hilarious experience, I couldn’t stop laughing. But the guy was really nice and gave me some awesome tips for my stay!


Once you’re in the main square you feel like you have gone back in time… All the way back to the Medieval Times.


A really neat thing about the city of Bruges is the canals!


I didn’t do much while visiting, I was mostly trying to just blend into my surroundings and experience all that Bruges had to offer as a local. I visited lots of little shops along different cobblestone streets and kept ogling at how amazing the architecture was (something I did a lot during my Europe trip). I feel like this was the best way to enjoy the city, it’s a relaxing vibe for sure.


While you’re visiting I would recommend seeing Belfry of Bruges and St. Salvator’s Cathedral! There is also a museum to check out, Groeningemuseum, if you are interested in classical Flemish art!

My best suggestion for Bruges is to find a spot with a beautiful view (very easy to find), grab a beer from one of the places selling them for 1 euro and just sit down, relax and enjoy the view!


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