Hike the Cities of Cinque Terre

Before our friends had visited Cinque Terre the year before, I had never even heard of it. Now, I am still posting throwback pictures, telling everyone who is traveling to stop in there if possible, and cannot wait for the opportunity to head back. Even with all the stairs, and there are a LOT of stairs. EVERYWHERE.

  • Note that the towns are not wheelchair accessible due to all the stairs


My boyfriend really pushed Cinque Terre on me. It was his version of Paris. The “There is NO Way We Aren’t Stopping Here” place. And boy, am I glad it was.

Cinque Terre is a hidden gem in Italy. It’s on the coast of the Italian Riviera, west of La Spezia. I’m not going to lie to you and say it was easy to find our way there because it was NOT.

We went from Milan to Cinque Terre. So, we got on a bus that was taking us to La Spezia…we thought it was taking us to the main part of La Spezia, but no… It dropped of us in the middle of nowhere with only a department store for electronics and a Burger King near. We then had to take the city bus INTO La Spezia after waiting for over an hour… and then a train into Riomaggorie (One of the Five Lands referenced in the name) which is where we were staying.


It was a lot. But, I would do it all again in a heartbeat to see those sunsets. Hiking the cities is amazing but it is a lot of walking. The hikes take up to 2 hours each and sometimes the paths are closed so you have to take the train, but you can do all the hikes in one day! (If you ever go to Cinque Terre get the pass for the train- I promise you it’s worth it).

If you ever find yourself in Italy make sure you stop here. You will never regret it and like us, afterward, you’ll be telling everyone you can about how amazing it was. The actual “Five Lands” are tourist areas where you will be able to survive entirely in English. You also will get to meet many amazing people, just like we did, and make friends from all over the world.


We made friends with two girls from Australia, a group of people from the States, and some girls from Spain. It’s an amazing place to be able to share your stories and listen to everyone there is traveling all around too.

Also fun fact: the wine is really cheap.19511504_10155270725595056_8961039774657640428_n

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