Visit Dampkring Coffeeshop

This was all my boyfriend. But heck, it was an experience and a half PLUS there is an awesome cat in the coffee shop.

If you have been to Amsterdam before, you know what kind of coffee shop this is.

If you have not. just. take a minute and think about it. 😉

Okay… now that you’ve caught up… For those who haven’t heard of Dampkring Coffeeshop before it is the coffee shop that is seen in Oceans 12. The pictures of the cast are all over the coffee shop, and it is the main reason why this particular shop is so popular. Plus, again, the cat is awesome.

Honestly, if you’re into experiencing Amsterdam for all it’s got… Visit Dampkring!

I wish I had saved the snapchats of my awesome cat friend, but alas, I did not.


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