I am a self-confessed phone addict, always looking for new apps to become addicted to. While I can live without my phone, I would much rather not!

I am hooked on the obvious apps like Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Snapchat.I used to be on Tumblr and Twitter daily, but have sort of stopped using them as much and just get into weird moods every now and then where I become obsessed all over again.

Spotify: For listening to music this is the only app I use. I am a premium member and honestly can’t remember the dark times (maybe I blocked them out???) of when I wasn’t.. I skip so many songs to get to the song I am feeling in that moment, it’s for that reason alone I would recommend the premium membership for everyone.

Google Maps:I have no sense of direction whatsoever… I use Google Maps to find possible routes and the expected time it will take to get where I need to go. I trust it the most, considering it is Google… however, recently I have also started using

Waze: While driving I also use Waze which shows you real-time traffic and gives you updates on the fastest route.

Buzzfeed: I am OBSESSED with it…. aside from Instagram it is probably my most used app. I am in love with their quizzes and it is honestly where I get all my news reports and updates from. I love reading their articles to stay up-to-date with all the latest. I am a visual person and it is for that reason alone I prefer Buzzfeed over Reddit. As much as I like the idea of Reddit, I need a visual picture of each post to become engaged with the article.

Uber: Any time I am in need of a car service I use Uber, it is especially helpful while I am in downtown Toronto because it gives me such anxiety to drive myself downtown. It is most useful when I am going out for the night with friends so everyone can enjoy themselves and there is no need to stress when trying to find a way to and from the bars. I am also obsessed with using Uber Eats but unfortunately since it is still new to Canada it isn’t in my hometown yet- but thankfully it is in my boyfriends so I still get to enjoy it!

Amazon: I am addicted to online shopping and Amazon is my favourite app to use, especially as a Prime Member. Being a prime member means my shipping is free and arrives in 1-2 days after purchase, which means NO MORE WAITING!!! I hated waiting for packages to arrive, especially being in Canada where shipping fees are honestly a pain and can be super expensive. I buy a lot of my everyday items from Amazon including vitamins, makeup, tampons/pads, etc. They even have a subscribe option you can sign up for which automatically sends you another shipment in a few months- you can decide how long between shipments. It takes away the stress of accidentally forgetting something you needed as it automatically shows up at your door! I use this option for vitamins and tampons/pads.

Sweat: Signing up for Sweat will open the door to an amazing community of women to support you during your health and fitness journey. The results from people who have done the program are so inspiring! When you sign up you have the option of choosing which program you want to be apart of (I am apart of the BBG program) but there is also a Power, BBG Stronger, Body and Mind (Yoga) and Post Pregnancy program if you are more interested in any of those! You will also receive a recipe guide with recommended recipes for all meals of the day, as well as a grocery list to ensure you have everything you need each week.

VSCOcam: Without fail VSCOcam is my favourite editing app to use for my Instagram pictures and BONUS it’s free!

Exploding Kittens: This is hands down my favourite game to play on my phone. It’s also my favourite game to play while with friends. I am obsessed with this game! It’s a card game in a similar style to Uno but it is much more entertaining, addicting and fun in my eyes.

What are your favourite apps?

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