While we were traveling out east Halifax was the place we both wanted to stop and visit, even though it turned out to actually be HOURS off our planned trip, but it was still beautiful and we’re glad we got the chance to stop in for the night!


We didn’t get in until late at night, around 9 or so, so we just stayed inside our Airbnb and went to bed early so we could explore the city the next morning. From Halifax we had to pick my parents up at the airport later in the evening, so we didn’t get much time to spend around the city, which sucked, but we crammed in as much as we could. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see everything we wanted. But there is always next time!


Here’s what I did see that I recommend…

Citadel Hill: A National Historic site! It’s a lot of walking and stairs to get to the top, but the view is incredible when you do.



Eat some seafood: Here is where I fail as a Portuguese because I am not a huge fan of seafood in general, but my boyfriend sure is and he loved his lobster roll for lunch!

Just walk around! Honestly, everything is very beautiful and it’s worth the view.


Also, do something I didn’t get time to do… Visit Peggy’s Cove!




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