I left a piece of my heart in Moncton. Honestly, it was such a cute town and because of that, it made it so memorable. I wish I would have spent more time just enjoying the city and everything it has to offer, but it was a quick stop on our road trip.

We walked around the downtown core, which is amazing and beautiful. We ate some seafood, because of course, and walked around some more. We even made a point to stop back in Moncton on our way home because of how much we enjoyed it. My boyfriend and I kept talking about how much we enjoyed Moncton that my parents, who flew into Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island for my baseball tournament and were driving home with us, asked if we could stop in again for them to experience it. And they both loved it too. Unfortunately, again, that was a quick stop on the long road trip home.


If you find yourself in Moncton, make sure you walk around and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the downtown core, but also head to some of the places I wish I would have had the opportunity to visit!

Parlee Beach Provincial Park is rated the top destination to visit while you’re there!

There’s the famous Magnetic Hill, which is a gravity hill and optical illusion where you drive to the bottom of the hill, take your foot off the gas and your car will somehow (science) roll uphill!! REALLY wish I would have been able to try it! SUCH regret!


If you love animals there is always Magnetic Hill Zoo to spend awhile at!
And if you’re like me, and are obsessed with amusement parks check out the water park, Magic Mountain!!! 



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