Ottawa is, contrary to popular belief among non-Canadians, Canada’s capital. It’s located right on the Ontario/Quebec border. Fun fact, back in elementary school in a geography class I failed a project because I put Ottawa in Quebec, not Ontario, and my Dad still brings up his shame lol.


Anyways, I’ve been lucky enough to visit Ottawa a couple of times. Having the best experience while visiting a few different friends who went to University at one of the two located in the city.


The biggest plus for me, before I was the legal drinking age, was the proximity to Hull, Quebec. See, the legal drinking age in my province (Ontario) is 19. The legal drinking age in Quebec, however, is 18. The drive seriously only took around 10 minutes, so it was totally worth it!


Back to Ottawa! Since it is the Capitol of my beautiful country, while you are visiting it’s a must to stop by Parliament Hill, which is the home to Canada’s legislature. There’s also Rideau Hall, which is the house of the Governor General.


There are plenty of Museums and Galleries to check out while you’re there too! Including the Canadian Museum of History, National Gallery of Canada, Canadian Museum of Nature and Canada Aviation and Space Museum! I’ve personally only visited the Museum of History back when I was a kid, but I do want to visit the others!


If you’re in the mood for more of a scenic tour of Ottawa then you’re still in luck! (Anywhere in Canada you’ll be in luck, I’m telling you this country is beautiful!) I’d suggest Jacques Cartier Park! It’s a beautiful park located right across the river from the National Gallery of Canada, although being across the river it is technically in Gatineau, Quebec, but like I said earlier it’s very close! According to a quick google maps check it’s a 5-minute drive 🙂


In terms of fun activities, there is Calypso Park, which is a huge waterpark full of rides! The nightlife in Ottawa is absolutely amazing. Given the fact that within the city there are two Universities and one college, there are a lot of bars! Also, would absolutely recommend hitting up Ottawa for Canada Day (July 1st) because it’s absolutely incredible.


Ottawa is beautiful and incredible, you’ll find lots of things to do just by walking around the streets. If you’re interested in beautiful university campuses check out U Ottawa and Carleton University while you’re here. maxresdefaultOttawa Ontario Canada Summer Sunset

Let me know if you’ve been to Ottawa before! I’d love to hear your thoughts about it!


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11 thoughts on “OTTAWA | CANADA

    • Don’t feel bad! Not many people do. Canada in general is beautiful, but absolutely put it on your list!

  1. Anyone who knows their world geography should know Ottawa is the capital of Canada 😉 Ottawa looks like a lovely city to explore. I’ve been to Victoria, BC and loved it. I hope to return and explore more of Canada 😊

    • Haha you’d be surprised how many people think it’s actually Toronto! I’ve never been to Victoria, but I really want to! Hope you get to experience more of Canada soon! 🙂

  2. What a gorgeous place! The buildings are lovely, and there look like lots of green spaces to give the city fresh air in its lungs. I’ve never visited, but I’m certain I would like it from your beautiful pictures.

    • You should come visit sometime! Canada in general has a lot of green space, it’s beautiful!

  3. I had always thought above the mountains when visiting Canada but Ottawa is just picture perfect, it really looks like a classic European city rather than North America! Added to our list for when we come over that way!

    • Absolutely! It’s gorgeous! There’s tons of beauty in Canada, glad you’ve added it to your list! 🙂

  4. When I looked your photographs, at first I though that they are from Paris. Wow what a grand city with stunning architecture and sculpture. Ottawa is definitely on my list.

  5. This is really nice 🙂 I’m a big fan of museums and I’d love to hear your take on which one you’d recommend. If I were to go for July 1st, is it really crowded? Or not too bad? Thanks!

    • I have been to both the Canadian Museum of History and National Gallery of Canada and would recommend both! My boyfriend has been to Canadian Aviation & Space Museum and loved it 🙂 as for Canada Day, it will be packed for sure but absolutely still worth it!!

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