When the 100 first appeared on my Netflix, years ago, my Mom and I got hooked hard and fast. It quickly became one of my favourite TV Shows, and if you haven’t started watching it – I cannot suggest it enough! The new season just started recently, so now’s the time to binge to catch up!

There are a lot of differences between the TV Show and the books. There are things I prefer more in each, such as characters, romances, plot lines, and character developments, but both are great.

The book, which this post is about, goes in a completely different direction than I thought it would. I had finished watching seasons 1-4 before I even knew there was a book series, so I already had a firm idea of what the plot was going to look like before diving in. Boy, was I wrong.

The story still follows Clarke, Bellamy, Octavia, and Wells who all grew up on The Ark Space Station after radiation destroyed Earth in the past (2052). Clarke, Octavia, and Wells are basically in Juvie, and due to The Ark’s air supply running low they are sent down as part of “The 100” (100 Juveniles) to see if Earth is habitable, despite their research stating it is not, 97 years later in a desperate last attempt. Bellamy finds his way on the ship heading to Earth to be with his (illegal) sister, Octavia.

The rest of the story follows the first season of the show pretty closely, showing The 100 figuring out how to survive on Earth after a lifetime spent dreaming of it.

I’d give the show a 10/10 and this book an 8/10.



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