This is where the storylines of the show and book start to drift apart from one another.

It’s been 21 days since The 100 was sent to Earth after it was destroyed centuries ago. They were told that 6.5 billion people died during the radiation that plagued the planet in 2052, so when they get a visit from an unexpected visitor, imagine their utter shock. Turns out there are Earthborns (book) or Grounders (TV) that survived the radiation centuries ago and some are not happy about these unwelcome visitors from space.

This book shows Wells* trying to keep The 100 banded together during their stress, Clarke searching for other colonists in Mount Weather** and Bellamy in a desperate search to find his sister Octavia who was taken by grounders (I like Grounders better than Earthborns)

This also shows a character who is a main character in the first book but not apart of the show, Glass***, having to make an impossible decision between the love of her life and life itself.

Rate: 7/10

If you haven’t watched the series but plan on it, which I highly recommend, please do not read further as there will be spoilers.




I warned ya…




*- Wells is one heck of a surprise, the entire first book I kept waiting for a little girl named Charlotte to appear and do what she does, but clearly, that doesn’t happen. The boy remains a main character.

** – ANOTHER shock, the show added in the extra drama dealing with Mount Weather and all their craziness with stealing their bone marrow, but sadly Mount Weather in the books is sort of a yawn.

***- I’m pretty sure Raven is the show’s version of Glass, but more badass.

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