I finally got to visit Quebec City during my road trip out east in 2016. It was even more beautiful than I had dreamed. It’s tied for my Dad’s favourite city in Canada and given that I hadn’t been there before I didn’t understand why, until I finally got the opportunity to stop in and it quickly became my favourite too.


Quebec City is such a unique city, completely different than any other I have visited in Canada. The city itself dates back to 1608, so it’s full of beautiful stone buildings and VERY narrow streets. Driving in downtown Quebec City is, I’m not going to lie to you, absolutely the worse. I hated every second of it. So I’d definitely recommend just parking wherever you can and walking the rest because it is a bitch. (This is what I did, mostly because driving had caused me so much stress and anxiety I basically said “I’m done.” and pulled over lol)



Located on the Saint Lawrence River, the city is home to many amazing sights and attractions. If you’re visiting in the winter (you’re brave!!!) there is the famous Carnaval de Quebec, which is filled with beautiful ice sculptures, sleigh rides, and ice skating! Every new year you’ll find the Hotel de Glace, which is only a temporary venue made entirely out of snow and ice! I had a friend visit last winter and honestly, her pictures were breathtaking.


Other attractions, year round, you’ll find Chateau Frontenac (pictured at the bottom), which is a beautiful hotel – seriously, it’s stunning. Also, as stated earlier, just getting out of your car and walking around Old Quebec. Honestly, it was my favourite part. It’s a historic neighborhood and the area itself is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s incredible. You feel like you’ve been transported to France, I’m not even exaggerating.


There’s also Montmorency Falls, a grand waterfall surrounded by park area. The Citadelle of Quebec, which is a museum and an active fort with a very long history. I’ve visited the Citadelle, it was actually really interesting! If you love history I recommend it! There is also the Plains of Abraham (pictured above) which, again, if you enjoy history you need to visit here! For those who might not know, the Plains of Abraham is a colonial battle site from 1759! It’s a beautiful area that is rich in history.
That last sentence pretty much sums of Quebec City. Entirely. Beautiful. Rich in history.14079787_10154318511995056_828812690909518771_n

Just a little PSA for anyone who plans on visiting (and I hope you do!!) Quebec is the French-speaking province in Canada, and Quebec City is a lot of French!



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  1. I’ll be in Quebec city in less than a month! Your post got me so excited- Loved the pictures. How did you find the French spoken component? I don’t speak a word of French (my boyfriend does as he is from Montreal) but I hate relying on him as a translator… would you say it’s fairly bi-lingual as far as day to day tasks or did you find that a basic knowledge of French was essential?

    • Thank you! 🙂 – you’ll be totally fine only speaking English! Mostly everyone in the actual city of Montreal speak both languages so you should be completely fine! 🙂 they’ll probably speak to you in French first, but if you respond in English they’ll switch over for you! 🙂 – both my boyfriend & I speak French, but I responded in English usually just because it’s habit! Hahah

  2. I just visited Québec City for the first time last month and I LOVED it! I didn’t get out to Montmorency Falls though so I will definitely have to go back. I also would love to see it at Christmastime! And you’re right: don’t drive in Québec, find a place to park and walk. It’s a great walking city! Also, lots of French! I kept having to remind myself I wasn’t in France the entire week!

    • Yeah, I’ve heard amazing things about Christmas time in Quebec City! I’ve never experienced it, as I usually just stay in Toronto (It’s also amazing at Christmastime!). I can imagine the French can throw you off if you’re not used to it lol! It does have a France feel in a lot of ways, especially the language! I’m glad you enjoyed your time in Quebec City though! <3

  3. Quebec City is also one of my favourite places in Canada. And yes, it’s definitely a walking city, especially the old part of the city. You didn’t mention the food, which is also one of the best things about Quebec City. Very French-Canadian, and very delicious.

    • Very true! I experience the food often, it must have slipped my mind lol! I’m glad you enjoyed Quebec City! It’s one of my favourite places in my country as well! 🙂

  4. Quebec looks so gorgeous! I still haven’t made it there, even though I’m just a few hours away. Definitely wouldn’t want to go in the winter, though I’ve heard Christmas time is amazing there. And thank you for mentioning the tiny roads!! That is SO good to know ahead of time!

    • I’ve also heard Christmas is amazing there but have never experienced it for myself! I’m glad I could help 🙂

  5. I’m off to Canada in September for some outdoors fun and very much looking forward to checking it out. We won’t be making it to QC but we have talked about planning a separate trip to see and experience some of the larger cities around the country. It looks like you had a great time (minus the narrow streets) – thanks for sharing.

  6. We’re finally going to Quebec this summer and this makes me wish we had time for Quebec City! It looks lovely. Thanks for being honest about driving there 🙂

    • I hope you enjoy your time in Quebec! Since you’re not visiting Quebec City, I hope you get a chance to visit Montreal!

    • It has a very strong feel to European cities! I had always heard that but until I visited Europe (France, especially) I never fully understood! You don’t feel like you’re in Canada, that’s for sure! Hope you get a chance to visit someday soon 🙂

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