Hey guys! Thank you for checking out my blog! My name is Shannon Gould and I was born and raised just north of Toronto, Canada! As I stated on my homepage, I started creating this bucket list around 10 years ago. Making lists has always been something I have done as someone who loves organization, so I am really excited to continue with my bucket list on such a bigger platform than an old folded up piece of paper.

I have always been interested in experiencing as much as the world has to offer, which is what started the list in the first place. I wanted to keep track of all the things I wanted to see and do and wanted to see a list of all the things I’ve already been lucky enough to experience.

While I have so much to see and do on my list, so far I have visited Countries and 2 Continents, but I am no where near finished yet!

I decided to put all of this in a blog for different reasons…

  1. It’s a hell of a lot easier
  2. I want to share my experiences
  3. Opportunity for advice

I am really excited to share my adventures with all of you and please, please, PLEASE feel free to let me know if there is anything I should add to my list! The best way to add new things is advice from other people who already have experienced it! I really hope my list can give you all some inspiration for your own!

Thank you all so much!