I’ve already written about my experience and love for Niagara Falls (you can find that blog post here!) but I’ll share with you some of my favourite things to both do and see while in the city! As stated in my previous blog post, I’ve never been to the American side of the falls, only the Canadian, so all my experience is from that, plus a biased Canadian perspective lol!

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls offers a lot in terms of entertainment and sight-seeing. Let’s start with the most obvious… the falls themselves. (Don’t be like this couple). While there is the obvious view from the top, which is pretty much guaranteed to take your breath away for obvious reasons…


There are also other really cool things you can do that involve the falls! There’s the Journey Behind the Falls, which I haven’t had the opportunity to do yet, but am looking forward to the day I finally do. For this, you get to stand on a conservation deck right beside one side of the horseshoe with the powerful waterfall cascading down beside you.

Then you have the option of the Hornblower, which is the Canadian equivalent to the American Maid of the Mist. I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing this for myself and it is absolutely incredible. The Hornblower, or Maid of the Mist, is that boat you see right in the picture above. It takes you right up close and personal to the falls themselves. They give you a poncho because you are GOING to get soaked, there is no way around that. The boat ride is an amazing thing to be able to experience and whether you’re visiting the Canadian or American side of the falls, I highly recommend this attraction!


Next up is my favourite part of the city. Clifton Hill. This is the main section in the downtown core, walking distance from the falls. This street (Lundy’s Lane) has everything! It’s loaded with all the arcades, museums, mini-putt and restaurants your heart could possibly desire. Here you’ll find the Skywheel

If I am in Niagara Falls you can pretty much safely bet that you’ll find me in an arcade. So, I would highly recommend spending some time playing all those arcade games in one of the several locations on this strip that offer them. If you’re into a more mature, grown-up approach to the arcade, there is Fallsview Casino!


I’ll also recommend stopping at the museums! I’ve gone to pretty much all of them except anything that has to do with horror… And Niagara has one of the best, Nightmares Fear Factory. That is if you’re into peeing your pants in terror. I’m not. But to each their own, I suppose! You can learn more about this terror show by clicking the link! There are also several other scary museums to visit, there all on the main strip. Trust me, I run away from each one!

Anyway, away from the scary stuff. The other museums that I have actually been to and recommend… Ripley’s Believe It Or Not because let’s be honest, that stuff is highly intriguing. There are also several wax museums including, Movieland (which I have visited), Louis Tussaud’s, Rock Legends, and Castle Dracula (which I have not visited). I had planned on visiting all the museums and comparing them at the time, however, while in Movieland I discovered I have an irrational phobia of wax figurines! So, there went that plan. There’s also Guinness Book of World Records Museum, which is pretty neat as well.

Niagara Falls

Away from the main strip, you’ll find several other attractions to visit during your stay in the Falls. If you want to go see animals there is Marineland and Safari Niagara! There’s the Floral Clock, pictured below, which is exactly as you’d think. A large clock face made up entirely of beautiful, colourful flowers. And, of course, there are the vineyards! If you are a wine aficionado, or just want to pretend you are for a day, the vineyards are a must!


The best part about Niagara is everything (with the exception of the vineyards) are really close and a lot of it is all within walking distance of the downtown core, which is where I recommend you stay (don’t worry, there are a LOT of options!)

Let me know if you have visited the falls before and recommend anything! Maybe I’ve missed some must-see’s and I would love to add them to my list! Also, share your experiences with the American side because I would absolutely love to hear about it!